Friday, November 30, 2012

life goes on

Feel real unappreciated n he take me for granted perhaps..after finish my bachelor at uitm kbm on june 2012 evrything change we strt our journey at diffrent state..he stay with his family at gombak n I in JB..far apart but sometimes we had our time together tu pon if kebetulan balik melaka if x jgn mimpi r kan. He become a very buzy person ever, txt or call only at nyte tu pon if he feel free. To call me..tu pon I still ok lg..tahan lg sebab syg kan faham keadaan dye yg bzy sgt tu mmg x de made nk text or call me smpi kdg2 rase boring sgt dgn the middle of my internship at jb one guy. Muncul dlm diri ku bak bidadari pling2 gitu..dye sgt baik n even I x lyn dye..dye still bbm. When I'm awake n before I sleep..sweet tau dye that moment I still x realize wujidnye dia dlm life I till one day he confess evrything to me..location anjung tokoh jb, he confess to me dat he strt fall in love with me *awww tp mase tu x leh terime lg coz too early plus I still syg si f tu lg..he did evrything to win my heart...

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